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Chair Tennis

Chair tennis is a fantastic game that can be played in any small area. All you need for a game is two players, a tennis ball and a chair. The game’s simplicity is why you love playing chair tennis with participants of all ages.

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Gratitude Wall

The gratitude wall is a must for all schools, workplaces and families. It is extremely powerful and fun to build, but itā€™s also an incredible art display that will make you smile on the inside and out each time you walk past it.Ā 

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Full Deck Flip

TakeĀ aĀ deckĀ ofĀ cards,Ā shuffle.Ā FaceĀ cardsĀ areĀ 10,Ā AcesĀ areĀ 11,Ā numberedĀ cardsĀ as valued.Ā FlipĀ eachĀ cardĀ andĀ performĀ theĀ movementĀ andĀ theĀ numberĀ ofĀ reps allocated to that card

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Get Seven Bounces

This is a brilliant pairs challenge game. Before you start, each pair will need a table tennis or ping pong ball and a flat bench, deck or table surface to play on.

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UNO Challenge

Take a deck of cards and give them a good shuffle. Face cards are worth ten reps, aces are 11 reps and numbered cards as valid. Flip each card and perform the movement and the number of reps specified

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Mr Squiggle Gratitude

We have taken this idea as it’s so much fun and attached three different sheets with a gratitude question up the top. Participants need to read the question and answer it with a creative drawing, just like Mr Squiggle used to back in the day.

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Hissing Breathing

Participants breathe in through their nose and exhale through their mouth, slow and long exhaling with a hissing sound. Extending the exhale will allow the participants to slow down their inner speed.

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Flower Power Breathing

Ask participants to imagine stopping and smelling the roses, daffodils, daisies or their flower of choice. This is a simple way to connect the participants to their breathing, creating a relaxed mind and body.

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Power Yawn Breathing

Participants start by rotating their shoulders and shaking out their arms. This will help loosen tight and tense shoulder muscles. Now they need to open their mouth, as if they were yawning, and breathe in, then exhale.

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Weekly Celebration

This can be an excellent way for a class, workplace or family to start the week as an activity or use it as a positive reflection to finish the week on a high. Either way, the four questions below will help increase people’s moods and overall well-being if this is completed weekly.

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Wellness Guess Who

Once this happens, encourage the author to share a bit more about their memory top the group. This is a great way to learn more about each other and what matters to each individual while playing a fun guessing game.

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Breakfast Gratitude Game

Starting the day with a positive intention and question is a proven way to improve your happiness. Itā€™s even better when you can share this with a family member, partner or friend while enjoying breakfast in the morning.

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