Jugar Life Student Challenge

The Jugar Life Student Challenge is an adaption of the successful Jugar Life Challenge launched early 2019. Designed to run over four school weeks, the challenge places a focus on student well-being through increasing student happiness.

But why?

Students spend a considerable amount of their formative time in school settings, attempting to discover, manage and mould their identities. These settings can be incredibly difficult, particularly if the school measures success only through academic means. This is no comfort to the estimated 10% -20% of adolescents who experience mental health issues. In the USA, between 2009 and 2017, rates of depression in teenagers aged 14-17 increased by more than 60% (Twenge et.al, 2019). Globally, anxiety (8th) and depression (9th) are listed as leading causes of adolescent illness and disability (WHO, 2019). 

Initiatives such as The Jugar Life Student Challenge use a positive psychology approach to increase student happiness and well-being.

What type of activities will students undertake?

The activities that students undertake in the Jugar Life Student challenge have been developed using Seligman’s PERMA Model as research base. PERMA activities allow students to focus on identifying and developing cognitive and emotional strategies to increase happiness and have been used by numerous instructions to underpin student wellness initiatives.

What are the benefits of completing the challenge?

What are the benefits of completing the challenge?

This course was created by Craig Daly and Dale Sidebottom