The Jugar Life Team

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Dale Sidebottom


Dale Sidebottom is a full-time play consultant, and the founder of Energetic Education and JUGAR LIFE. He uses his 20+ years of experience in the education and fitness sectors to educate schools, clubs, families, and corporations on the relationship between daily play and enhanced mental health and wellbeing. Dale is the author of ‘All Work No Play, the host of the top rating ‘Energetic Radio’ podcast, and a popular TEDx speaker.

Dr. Craig Daly

Craig Daly, Ph.D. is an educational consultant based in Shenzhen, China, and currently serves as the chair of the JUGAR|LIFE Educational Advisory Board. An educator for over 30 years, he uses his extensive experience gained as a teacher, school administrator, and lead university academic as a platform to advocate for increased institutional awareness of student and staff well-being initiatives.

Rachel Ford

Board Member

Rachel Ford is a Physical Education teacher from the UK, currently based in a bilingual school in Hangzhou, China. She has been teaching since 2015, and although early into her teaching journey, she has managed to deliver positive outcomes in middle management roles within the Physical Education department and the school's pastoral program. Rachel is also the founder of the 'Once Upon a PE Lesson' website, which focuses on using movement to promote a love and learning of language.

Rebecca Goode

Board Member

Rebecca Goode is an accomplished Deputy Headteacher who is currently based at a Thai international school in Bangkok. She has extensive international experience and possesses excellent intercultural skills developed firstly in the Royal Navy Marines, and extended through her work as an Orchestra Manager. Rebecca's success as an educator stems from her genuine passion for creating an inclusive, nurturing environment and child-led learning environment that has holistic development at its core.

Stacey Griffiths

Board Member

Stacey Griffiths is a Health & Physical Education teacher at Singapore American School (SAS), who is passionate about building health and wellness programs for students as they transition beyond the school network. Originally from Australia, Stacey has taught in Australia, the UK, and Japan before relocating to Singapore. Throughout her 10 years of experience, she has gained skills in simplifying planning documents used in a variety of curriculum frameworks and personalising learning from all her students. Stacey has presented her teaching and learning practices at international conferences, including PHASE and EARCOS.

Natasha Hale

Board Member

Natasha Hale is an international educator who has previously worked in schools in the UK, Borneo, and Taiwan and is now currently based in Russia as an IB MYP coordinator. With over 11 years of experience in teaching and leadership in Physical education, Health, and Sports Science, she has a proven track record for increasing student engagement through outstanding teaching. This, coupled with her expertise in child protection and safeguarding, gives Natasha a wide variety of tools to promote holistic student wellbeing.

Daniel Inman

Board Member

Daniel Inman is an international educator currently based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he works as an elementary counselor. Daniel has worked with kids for over 20 years, and he loves the connections he is able to build with them. He has presented at conferences in the USA, Hong Kong, and Dubai, thereby building meaningful professional and personal connections with educators around the world. Daniel's background in movement, through an interest in athletics and physical education teaching, provides him with a range of strategies to build positive connections with his students.

Dani Klinge

Board Member

Dani Klinge is a Physical and Health Educator who originally comes from New Zealand. After 15 years of teaching internationally, she currently works in Shenzhen China as Learning Leader for Physical and Health Education. She has a passion for mindfulness and movement, inspiring all learners to discover movement activities that cultivate joy, freedom and connections with others. Her teaching and learning is interwoven through mindfulness education, social and emotional learning, as well as physical and health education classes. She is currently working through her yoga teacher training to bring deeper mind and body connections to her teaching.

Caren Ouma

Board Member

Caren Melanie Ouma has been an educator and coach for over 30 years, having worked in national and international schools in Kenya and Japan. Currently teaching at the International School of Kenya, Caren draws from her rich experience in, among others, teaching Physical and Health Education, playing, umpiring, and coaching club, national and international Field Hockey, as well as membership of church youth and singing groups. All these have reinforced her belief in finding joy and wellness through play, gratitude, and giving. She brings to the JUGAR/LIFE Educational Advisory Board her diverse background and experience, with a deliberate focus on mental health and well-being.

Greg Thurlow

Board Member

Greg Thurlow has been involved in education for over 12 years in the field of physical education and health and is currently based in Singapore. Originally from New Zealand, Greg has had experiences in teaching grades K-12, leadership roles, and involvement in leading various school wide learning inititiviates.  Having been a part of sporting and other community projects, Greg is looking forward to facilitating more opportunities to focus on well being as part of the JUGAR/LIFE team.