Play workshops

Active learners are healthy learners, and play is central to learning for children and adults. Our workshops are for anyone who is looking to improve their outlook on life!

The All Work No Play Workshops recognise the direct correlation between creative, spontaneous play and happiness. We believe there are four key pillars to a happy and fulfilled life, the daily practice of play, exercise, gratitude and giving. Our Workshops are designed to generate fun, laughter and positive human connections for all involved. We provide a series of programs to cater for all age groups, includ­ing primary school students, high school students, teachers, parents and corporate or blue-collar workplaces.
Our workshops, seminars and keynotes provide the tools to increase focus, manage daily life stressors, and energise and engage your workplace or school. By adopting the All Work No Play principles, participants will improve their general well-being and increase their overall happiness.

With increasingly stressful lives, adopting the All Work No Play principals, enables everyone to embrace their inner child through play and movement and to be thankful for the small things in life through the daily practice of gratitude and kindness.


If you would like to dis­cuss the possibilities of a workshop in the future, please email us at