Sam Moinet – Empowering Connections through Empathy

Dale · April 17, 2024

Hosted by Sam Moinet, a visionary in educational and personal development, the “Heart With Ears” workshop is an engaging 60-minute session designed to revolutionise how we communicate, listen, and connect with those around us. In an era where technological connections abound yet genuine human connection seems to dwindle, this workshop addresses the crucial need for empathy, understanding, and effective communication.

Who Should Watch?
This webinar is ideal for educators, parents, youth workers, and caregivers looking to deepen their relationships with students, children, and colleagues through improved communication skills and empathetic engagement.

What You’ll Gain:
Inspirational Insights: Learn from Sam’s journey and experiences.
Interactive Learning: Participate in high-energy activities and games.
Practical Skills: Master the Breakthrough Basics of Coaching and the 4A Coaching System.
Actionable Steps: Implement clear strategies to enhance your connections.

Outcomes to Expect:
Strengthened connections with those important in your life.
Enhanced communication skills through simple listening techniques.
A deeper understanding of empathy’s role in uniting people.
It is an energising and fun experience that leaves you inspired.

Sam Moinet, with his extensive background as a teacher, international coach/speaker, and founder of Student Breakthrough and the Educators Coaching Academy, is on a mission to improve well-being in schools. Through his work, he has already impacted thousands of lives around the globe.

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