Daily Mission Cards by Jugar Life

If you are looking for a fun way to improve your overall happiness and spread positivity to those around you, then this deck of 54 cards is what you need. Our Mission cards have been designed to help improve mental health and reduce stress and anxiety using the power of kindness, empathy and gratitude.

Wellness and well-being through Jugar Life's Daily Mission Cards!

Discussion cards

Our blue cards are the Discussion cards to be used when missions have been completed. By rolling a dice, you determine whether you’re going to answer the odd question, or the even question. These are great tools to facilitate rich discussion and communication within groups or pairs!

Use with participants of all ages and industries!

Reflection cards

reflection cards for use once missions are completed, and three yellow cards that are designed to generate discussion in the morning, during the day and evening to reflect on things you are grateful for.

Gamify your missions!

We have used gamification so that participants are not only completing missions to help others and spread the love, but they are also working towards completing our different game cards which you can download for FREE below. We have created a bingo, connect four and fruit catcher game for players to get started with. Stay tuned as we continue to add more games over the coming months.